Triarchy was founded by Mark, Adam and Ania Taubenfligel in the year 2011. Mark having a head for business, Adam for branding and fashion design and Ania for fashion and social media. The thing, they found, that they had in common between their different personal lifestyles was denim, so denim is what they started their brand to create.

Triarchy was initially a direct to consumer denim brand with not much but great jeans. However, as the brand continued to grow, the siblings noticed the incredible amount of water waste and chemical harm the denim manufacturing industry was having on the planet. Instead of turning a blind eye, they checked their egos and stopped production, taking their brand offline in 2016 in order to find a better way to make jeans.

Three years later, after what seemed like an endless amount of research, Triarchy was reborn as the denim brand we know and love today. Responsibly made, with sustainability and ethical manufacturing in mind.

Triarchy is not just a denim brand, it is a vehicle to educate consumers on mindful consumption and the now more than even importance of less is more.

Adam Taubenfligel

Creative Director + Sustainability

When he's not elbows deep in denim, he's exploring the world in search of design inspiration and sustainable innovations within the fashion industry. Adam learned everything about denim working on the factory floor in Italy, getting first hand experience from Italian denim masters. You might catch him in downtown LA walking to the Triarchy design loft with bolts of denim in hand and his pooch Frenchie by his side.

Ania Taubenfligel

Brand Communications

Her first passion began at three years old when she started horseback riding. This too is when she began living and riding in jeans. Her career in fashion began through modelling but soon found out she wanted a more hands on role in the industry and to create positive body image for girls. If she isn't immersed in the world of fashion you'll find her out and about in nature. Ania's love for nature and animals is where her fight for sustainable fashion stems from.

Mark Taubenfligel

business director

When he's not handling all our paper work, he's building custom motorbikes from scratch. For those of you who know him, you know he's not one for pictures but if you're trying to spot him you might see him in Vancouver riding around on his custom Triarchy Bonneville motorbike (and no, it's unfortunately not for sale).