Black Denim Fringe Shorts
Black Denim Fringe Shorts

Black Denim Fringe Shorts

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Fringe, fringe, fringe! Shake, shake, shake! Then repeat and watch the fun unfold! Slip into these and see the trail of smiles that follow. That black fringe textile is designed by us and made in France.

Made by hand in our workshop in downtown Los Angeles out of repurposed vintage denim.

Atelier orders ship between 4 - 6 weeks after purchase.

Learn more on ozone washing, nano bubbles and tencel.

Fit and Details

    • Front Rise: 9"
    • Back Rise: 13.5"
    • Fits true to size

Triarchy / Atelier Denim makes use of what we have by repurposing what already exists into new sustainable luxury. We start by sourcing from the finest selection of vintage denim. Then, we deconstruct, reimagine, and reconstruct - adding high-end materials and trims to make a one-of-a-kind denim pieces.

Atelier Denim is hand made in small volumes using a manufacturing process that is focused on sustainable luxury from beginning to end. When washing is required for Atelier Denim, we use a patented wash process in L.A. that uses 90% less water then traditional denim laundries.

All atelier items are made to order and ship within 4 - 6 weeks of the purchase date.

Care Instructions

Dry clean only. Atelier denim pieces are made with a combination of different material so gentle care is necessary here.

Some pieces without appliques can be hand washed in cold water. Be gentle and don't over wash your garments. We are prone to over washing which not only wastes water but slowly diminishes your garments lifespan.

If Dry Cleaning we suggest sourcing a Green Dry Cleaner.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us at: hello@triarchy.com

Other than that, enjoy your denim!

Learn more about caring for your garment.