White Denim Boyfriend Jacket

White Denim Boyfriend Jacket

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Our sustainable bleached white denim jacket needs no introduction here. Made from reclaimed vintage denim that has been broken into perfection.

Made by hand in our workshop in downtown Los Angeles out of repurposed vintage denim.

Atelier orders ship between 4 - 6 weeks after purchase.

Learn more on ozone washing, nano bubbles and tencel.

Fit and Details

(Unisex Sizing)

If you have a question about sizing please email us at support@triarchy.com

  • Fits true to size. (100% Cotton, No Stretch)

This jacket is made out of indigo vintage denim that we wash with ozone technology. The ozone pulls the pigment out of the fabric without using water or chemicals, and the result is this beautiful off white tone. 

Oh, and it's sustainable in case you forgot.

Care Instructions

To aid in the longevity of your garment please follow these recommendations:

Only wash if you really have to. Hand washing is the best but if you must use a machine, cold wash only. We are prone to over washing, which not only wastes water but slowly diminishes your jeans lifespan. Never use the dryer. Just don't do it, ever! It's slowly destroying your clothes.

Need proof? Every time you clean your lint drawer that's all the broken/burnt fibers from your clothing.

If you really have to, tumble dry, but we always insist on hanging dry to maintain shape and longevity! Other than that, enjoy your denim!