Collection: Resort 23

Triarchy Resort 23 continues to champion our brand sustainable materials, which we have perfected over the years to include recycled and organic cotton as well as our industry first natural rubber in place or poly-based stretch. These are all complimented by our new natural black dyes which of course have no harmful chemicals or irresponsi- ble water consumption in production. (Organic Cotton is OCS and GRS certified.)

Triarchy R’23 takes an architectural approach to the cargo pocket as can be seen throughout the collection, with contrast stitch as well as with added embellishments of recycled glass stones. Expanding on this are pieces from the collection that are entire- ly covered in these recycled glass stones, offering a modern interpretation of studded denim, done responsibly.

Introducing new vintage washes into the collection, and finding even more responsible ways to wash our jeans down are only some of the things we have been working on behind the curtain of responsible denim.

As always, unique QR codes can be found within each garment, once scanned, revealling the products consumption metrics and block chain verified supply chain map. As well, one can review and see details on the three projects that each sale contributes to, making the jeans carbon neutral.