Plastic-Free Stretch Denim

Collection: Plastic-Free Stretch Denim

Triarchy holds the exclusive on plastic-free comfort stretch denim through 2024 in North America. To celebrate this launch, Triarchy debuts its first campaign featuring plastic-free stretch denim. This fabrication can now be found across its entire core collection, something no other denim brand has offered before.

To date, every pair of stretch jeans has been made using crude oil-based plastic to make the stretch fibers. This means the jeans will shed microplastics throughout their life and will then sit in a landfill for 200+ years at their end of life. Triarchy plastic-free stretch uses natural rubber in place of plastic. This makes the jeans micro-plastic-free and gives them a biodegradation time of less than two years at the end of life while fertilizing the soil as they biodegrade.

This fabric is the only 100% eco-compatible stretch in the market as well as being the only truly circular stretch denim.
  • Photographer, Adam Franzino
  • Videographer, Julia Ponce Díaz & Idil Eryurekli
  • Model, Vanessa Fuchs