Code of Conduct

Social Sustainability

At Triarchy we understand that running a sustainable brand is a lot more than saving water. If we strive to be sustainable then that means both in the practices we imply to make our products as well as in the way we structure our business and treat the people we work with.

We strive to positively impact the lives of all who touch our jeans. From the people who buy our jeans to the people who cut the fabric and sew the garment as well as the people who weaved and died the denim material all the way back to the people who were responsible for farming the cotton to make the material in the first place.

In short, sustainability means business structure as much as it means environmental practices.

If all you are concerned with as a brand is buying sustainable fabric but then you cut and sew it in a factory with sub par workers rights the your brand is not sustainable. There are many pillars you have to adhere to as a brand and we do not claim to be perfect but we are constantly learning and innovating and applying the best available practices to everything we do.

If everyone from the cotton farmer to the end consumer are treated with respect then we are building a brand that we can be proud of, and the main part of this brand building effort is finding partners that understand how important this common goal is. The people we work with become part of our denim family and they are all asked to review and agree to this code of conduct before we begin working together.

We work with our suppliers and vendors to ensure this code is adhered to and we keep an open line of communication to provide assistance in case there is any confusion in doing so.

All of the jeans we make are done so with the most current sustainability practices on the market. We use sustainably sourced fibers that are then sustainably milled into denim fabric that we then cut, sew and wash sustainably using a combination of e-flow, ozone and laser to drastically reduce consumption in the manufacturing process.

Our fibers are sourced from cotton farms in the United States and Brazil and we use Tencel which originates in Austria. Our denim is then made with carefully selected partners either in Italy or Istanbul at denim mills that hold the highest reputation in the denim industry.

Our denim products are then cut and sewn at STROM in Istanbul, a factory with an excellent reputation for quality and care of workers rights. Triarchy team members are personally on site during sampling and production and we also engage specialist 3rd party auditors to trace our supply chain.


This code of conduct is required for all of Triarchy's partners including vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, factories, agents, PR and anyone who works with Triarchy directly or indirectly. (*Triarchy does not allow work with un approved sub-contractors.)

All above listed persons and business are expected to comply with this Code of Conduct on top of the laws of their countries. This code is to be made visible by all people working on Triarchy at any given time. Suppliers are always instructed by us to put employees first if there is a conflict of conduct between this code and their practices and to communicate this with us for review.

Vendor Relations

All Vendors and Manufacturers shall adhere to rules and regulations that ensure conditions of employment are met that respect workers and provide security over their rights under local, national and international labor laws.

Child Labor

No one under any circumstances will be employed under the age of fifteen or under the age of completion of compulsory education. Workers under the age of 18 will not work or be put in circumstances that compromises their health or safety.

Forced Labor

No person or business working on or with Triarchy in any capacity will make any use of forced or involuntary labor practices. All persons or businesses are also required to to work with 3rd party companies to assist in hiring employees to make sure that people looking for employment are not doing so through force or deception.


Any person or business working on or with Triarchy in any capacity may not discriminate in any aspect during any employment relationship extending to the recruitment phase training or any other situation.

There will be absolutely no tolerance for termination of work relationship on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, age, nationality, political preference, marital status, pregnancy, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, or any other local and international law protected classification. This will extend to employment conditions being extended to equal opportunity including temporary or seasonal workers from any form discrimination. 

Harassment and Abuse

All employees and contractors will be treated with respect and dignity. No one shall be subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse or to any fines as disciplinary action.


Suppliers and vendors will adhere to regular work and overtime hours allowed by the country where the workers are employed. The work week will not exceed 48 hours or the maximum allowed by the law of the country of manufacturing, whichever is less. All employees will have at least 24 consecutive hours of rest every week. All overtime work will be voluntary and free from reprisal if declined. Overtime will not exceed 12 hours per week, or the max allowed by local law.

Freedom of Association

Workers must be allowed to form or join unions of their own choice as well as being free to participate in collective bargaining without fear of harassment or retaliation. Employers will not obstruct these legitimate activities and will encourage open communication between employees and management.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

All suppliers will provide safe and healthful working conditions with the goal of preventing accidents and injuries to health and well being arising from or occurring during work.

All suppliers must provide appropriate and effective protective equipment as needed. All suppliers must comply with all health ad safety laws of the countries in which they operate including work environment safety and sanitation.

Wages & Benefits

Every worker will be compensated for a regular work week that will sufficiently meet their families basic living needs as well as some additional income. Employer must provide payment which is equal or exceeds minimum wage, whichever is higher and provide any benefits required by law or specific contracts.


Our suppliers and manufacturers share our vision of sustainability and dedication to producing clothes with as low an impact as possible.

Our suppliers must be Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) members and follow their standards for chemical restrictions, safety labeling, handling and storage of approved substances while preventing or mitigating the release of hazardous chemicals or materials.

Our suppliers are required to publicly disclose their testing results through the ZDHC platform. Facilities shall continuously monitor and disclose to Triarchy, their energy, natural resource usage, emissions, discharges, carbon footprint and disposal of wastes. Suppliers must maintain written environmental policies and standards and comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations where they conduct business.

Animal Rights

As a PETA approved brand, Triarchy does not use any animal products at all. 


Triarchy does not allow subcontracting. Any vendor, supplier and manufacturer wishing to engage in subcontracting must first communicate this desire to Triarchy and then have Triarchy present this code of conduct for approval and adherence confirmation before any subcontracting work begins.

Any questions please reach out to and one of our team members will get back to you.