Triarchy is the only brand to exclusively offer plastic-free stretch jeans. Organic cotton and natural rubber come together to make a fully breathable, micro-plastic free pair of jeans that will bio-degrade in less than 2 years at end of life. The average degration time for every other pair of plastic based stretch jeans is 200+ years. Triarchy holds this exclusive through 2024, at which time we will open it up for other brands to use.

Our dependency on plastics has to stop.

Every pair of stretch jeans to date contain poly based stretch in them which means they will shed micro- plastics and sit in a landfill for 200+ years at their end of life. Triarchy plastic free stretch uses natural rubber in place of plastic. This makes the jeans micro-plastic free and gives them a biodegration time of less than two years. Triarchy uses industry leading technology such as ozone, e-flow and laser process to replace harmful chemical dependant wash practices.

This allows us to eliminate chemical use and drastically reduce water consumption. Triarchy offsets the carbon for everything we make and we plant one tree for every pair of jeans sold.

Triarchy holds the exclusive on plastic free comfort stretch in North America from Spring 2023 through 2024.

Triarchy solely uses certified organic, and regenerative cotton alongside our industry first, brand exclusive natural rubber for our plastic-free stretch jeans. This means the total elimination of micro-plastics and an average biodegration time of less than two years for our stretch jeans, instead of the industry standard 200 year degration time for traditional oil based plastic stretch jeans. The above fabrics then use our state of the art wash processes that require no toxic chemicals and the minimal amount of water possible in the denim industry.

What this looks like is one glass of water to achieve washes that often use upwards of 80 liters and countless chemicals for the same effects. We use recycled metals for buttons and recycled cotton for our labels & we have third party auditors Greenstory & Renoon examine and publish all of our maufacturing and sustainability informtaion independant of us and viewable by all through unique QR codes in each garment. Lastly, we plant a tree and offset the carbon for everything we make, making every pair of Triarchy jeans carbon neutral.

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