Collection: Pre-Fall 23

Triarchy Pre-Fall ’23 solidifies the brand as the leader in plastic free-stretch with three brand exclusive fabrics launching in our best selling styles. Triarchy is the only denim brand in the word to have completely eliminated oil-derived poly-based stretch materials and replace them with plastic-free stretch, derived from natural rubber. This means no micro-plastics and a less than two year biodegration time at end of life.

Triarchy PF ’23 introduces cut outs & laser monogramming which is applied to our signature fabric to make a kaleidoscopic brand exclusive print. Introducing unconventional shapes that lean into denim is what gives the brand such a strong fashion POV, all the while adhering to the manufacturing and wash practices that make Triarchy the most responsible denim brand in the market.

The PF collection is available in an industry first acid and bleach wash that contain no acid or bleach. We develop the material to be shades lighter than the industry standard so that it requires considerably less processing to get to the desired light vintage shades. As always, QR codes can be found within each garment, once scanned, revealing the products consumption metrics and block chain verified supply chain map. As well, one can scan and see details on the three projects that each sale contributes to making the garments carbon neutral. One tree planted for e very pair of jeans sold.

All of these efforts allow us to make the best pair of jeans possible, in every sense of the word best.