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Ms. Sofiane Denim Vest - Light Indigo Crystal Pin Stripe

Ms. Sofiane Denim Vest - Light Indigo Crystal Pin Stripe

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Introducing the head-turning Ms. Sofiane Denim Vest, the epitome of allure for all denim enthusiasts. The incorporation of added stretch not only enhances its irresistible comfort but also promises a seamless and flattering fit. This one of a kind vest combines style and comfort in one irresistible package. What truly distinguishes this piece is the delicate crystal pin-stripe detail adorning the entirety of the vest.

Diana is wearing size 26; Waist: 23”, Hip: 34”

Garment Measurements - Waist: 31”, Front Rise: 11”, Leg Opening: 20 ¾ ”, Inseam: 31"


98% organic cotton 2% natural rubber

Triarchy takes pride in pioneering the world's first and only plastic-free stretch denim. Prior to this breakthrough, every pair of stretch jeans ever manufactured utilized stretch material derived from petroleum-based plastics. These plastic-infused stretch jeans would release microplastics over their lifespan and then languish in landfills for approximately 200 years once discarded.In a paradigm-shifting move, Triarchy's plastic-free stretch denim replaces plastic with natural rubber, thereby eradicating microplastic shedding.

Furthermore, this innovative denim boasts a biodegradation period of under two years after disposal, contributing to soil enrichment during the biodegradation process.

Presenting the world's first plastic-free, non-toxic, breathable stretch denim.Our light indigo wash is achieved through cutting-edge techniques including ozone washing, nano bubbles, and laser technology, resulting in the cherished blue hues we all adore.

For deeper insights into the denim industry's evolution, the methodologies of ozone washing, nano bubbles, and our pioneering laser techniques, explore further by clicking here.

To ensure an unburdened conscience, our entire product range is crafted from entirely natural fibers and dyed using chemical-free processes. Additionally, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to achieving carbon neutrality as well as being PETA approved. The crystals that adorn this garment are made from glass.

Welcome to the future of denim.

These assertions are substantiated by independent verification from our trusted third-party auditor, Renoon.

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