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Phoebe Short Sleeve Denim Jacket - Medium Indigo

Phoebe Short Sleeve Denim Jacket - Medium Indigo

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Introducing the Ms. Phoebe Short Sleeve Denim Jacket – the quintessential addition to your wardrobe. With its unique short-sleeved design and cropped silhouette, the Ms. Phoebe jacket redefines denim chic. Pair it with any outfit to instantly elevate your look.

Front Length: 19"
Sweep: 18 1/4"
Sleeve Length: 10"

Model measurements;
Waist: 24", Hip: 35", wearing a size Small


100% Organic Cotton

Crafted exclusively from OCS Certified 100% organic, our multiple indigo tones are achieved through cutting-edge wash techniques which include ozone washing, nanobubbles, and laser technology, resulting in the cherished blue hues we all adore, without the chemical and consumption impact that often accompany these washes.

To ensure denim with a clean conscience, our entire product range is crafted from entirely natural fibers and dyed using chemical-free processes.

Additionally, our commitment to environmental responsibility extends to achieving carbon neutrality. These assertions are substantiated by independent verification from our trusted third-party auditor Renoon.

Please click here for a deeper understanding of how we have helped to evolve the denim industry thanks to these pioneering techniques.

Welcome to the future of denim.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low

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