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Tuxedo Dress - Loved Black

Tuxedo Dress - Loved Black

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Meet the Tuxedo Dress, which requires little introduction. A sleek, tailored blazer that hugs you in all the right places, with a show-stopping cut-out at the back that's sure to turn heads. It's not just a dress, it's a statement.


98% Regenerative Cotton, 2% Natural Rubber

Triarchy takes pride in pioneering the world's first and only plastic-free stretch denim. Prior to this breakthrough, every pair of stretch jeans ever manufactured utilized stretch material derived from petroleum-based plastics. These plastic-infused stretch jeans would release microplastics over their lifespan and then languish in landfills for approximately 200 years once discarded.

In a paradigm-shifting move, Triarchy's plastic-free stretch denim replaces plastic with natural rubber, thereby eradicating microplastic shedding. Furthermore, this innovative denim boasts a biodegradation period of under two years after disposal, contributing to soil enrichment during the biodegradation process.

Presenting the world's first plastic-free, non-toxic, breathable stretch denim.

This is also the denim industry's first truly sustainable black denim. Which is achieved by using a sulfur-based dye. We require a fixing agent to get the dye to stick to the fabric. Chitosan is a polymer that is derived by recycling the exoskeleton of shrimp but because of our unwillingness to use animal products and therefore our PETA status, we decided to try mushrooms in place of shrimp. It worked, and now we have the world's first truly responsibly made black jeans These assertions are substantiated by independent verification from our trusted third-party auditor, Renoon.

Please click here for a deeper understanding of how we have helped to evolve the denim industry thanks to these pioneering techniques.

Welcome to the future of denim.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low.

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