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Ms. Keaton High Rise Baggy Jean - Loved Black

Ms. Keaton High Rise Baggy Jean - Loved Black

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Prepare to have your denim dreams come true with our Ms. Keaton High Rise Baggy Jeans. Featuring a slightly elevated waistline, they gracefully contour your hips before cascading into a loose and luxuriously comfortable straight leg. Crafted in our classic medium indigo wash, the Ms. Keaton exudes timeless charm.

  • Diana is wearing size 26; Waist: 23”, Hip: 34”
  • Garment Measurements - Waist: 29 1/2”, Front Rise: 11 1/2”, Leg Opening: 17 ¾ ”, Inseam: 32"

Triarchy takes pride in pioneering the world's first and only plastic-free stretch denim. Prior to this breakthrough, every pair of stretch jeans ever manufactured utilized stretch material derived from petroleum-based plastics. These plastic-infused stretch jeans would release microplastics over their lifespan and then languish in landfills for approximately 200 years once discarded.

In a paradigm-shifting move, Triarchy's plastic-free stretch denim replaces plastic with natural rubber, thereby eradicating microplastic shedding. Furthermore, this innovative denim boasts a biodegradation period of under two years after disposal, contributing to soil enrichment during the biodegradation process.

Presenting the world's first plastic-free, non-toxic, breathable stretch denim.

This marks a significant milestone in the denim industry as the inaugural instance of authentically sustainable black denim. This accomplishment is realized through the utilization of a sulfur-based dye and a natural fixing agent.

To ensure the adhesion of the dye onto the fabric, the fixing agent is imperative. While Chitosan, a polymer extracted from recycled shrimp exoskeletons, was conventionally employed, our commitment to refraining from animal-derived products and our endorsement by PETA prompted us to explore an alternative. Through innovative experimentation with mushrooms, we successfully achieved our goal. As a result, we proudly introduce the world's first and foremost responsibly crafted black jeans.

Welcome to the future of denim.

These assertions are substantiated by independent verification from our trusted third-party auditors, Greenstory and Renoon.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low.

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