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Ms. Castro Cropped Oversized Shirt - Tie-Dye Laser Medium Indigo

Ms. Castro Cropped Oversized Shirt - Tie-Dye Laser Medium Indigo

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Meet Ms. Castro Cropped Oversized Denim Shirt—a denim aficionado's dream come true. If you're in search of a denim shirt that commands attention, your search ends here. What sets this shirt apart is the intricate denim tie-dye detailing. This fit effortlessly elevates comfort and style to unprecedented heights.

  • Darya is wearing size S Waist: 23” Hip: 34”
  • Garment Measurements - Front Length: 21 3/4”,
  • Sweep: 24 1/2 ”, Sleeve Length: 23”

Made from 100% OCS Certified organic cotton.

Typically, tie dye is obtained by using large amounts of bleach and water, but we found a better way. Our indigo tie-dye is created using state-of-the-art technology consisting of lasers and ozone washing. What this means is tie dye without chemicals. You heard it here first!

To learn more about the future of denim, ozone washing, nanobubbles, and our laser techniques, click here.

To ensure your conscience is completely clear, all of our products are made from all-natural fibers and chemical-free dyes, as well as being carbon neutral. All of these claims can be verified via our 3rd party auditors, Greenstory and Renoon.

Welcome to the future of denim.

Care Instructions

Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry low.

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